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Amaia Steps Sucat is a mid-rise project of Amaia Land Corp.

Amaia Steps Sucat

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Brgy. Paranaque City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 23 sqm to 42 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.6 M to Php 2.9M


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Amaia Steps Sucat By Amaia Land

Amaia Steps Sucat is a contemporary and modern mid-rise condominium project in Paranaque City in the Philippines. The property is designed as nine mid-rise buildings in a clustered design with privacy and security in mind. This mid-rise building is complete with residential units and a number of retail supporting shops for residents to have certain conveniences right there at home. This ensures that not only will you find a home here at Steps Sucat but also you can find convenience in being close to essential services without having to run into the city. This is great for days off when you still need to get some things done without the hassle of public transportation, long lines, finding parking and much more.

The development is done by Amaia Land Corp and includes units from Studios to Premier two bedroom units. The community is managed by Ayala Property Management Corp which ensures that it is easy for you to own a home on the property.  They are known for creating properties that meet the need of their target market and this one is designed for those looking for an affordable place to call their own home. Though they have designed here to be affordable you won’t have to worry about there not being value for money. If you were to purchase a unit here you are certain of getting value for money – so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing on features and amenities while saving money. Here you find features and amenities that you would find in upscale and expensive condominium properties but without the price tag that usually comes with upscale properties.

You can find the condominiums are located within easy and quick commute to major areas and conveniences so you can live in a peaceful laid back area and still have everything you need close by. And local transportation is always easy to find. If you have children you will find the area to be very family and kid friendly and your children will enjoy the area and even right on site on the property where they have their own little playground. Don’t worry adults, exterior amenities are there for your enjoyment as an adult as well with a basketball court and swimming pool. Each unit also has its own mailbox which you can access from the main lobby area so all your mail comes directly to you. 

The Developer

Amaia Land Corp the developer is a subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc. They are known for their development of upscale and affordable housing initiatives to give potential homeowners the chance to attain their dreams of owning a home. Their focus has always been to bring quality residential developments to the people who need to find economic housing. They therefore ensure that their developments are all affordable and their target population are mainly teachers, small business owners, government employees and other working professionals. Even their name suggests the fulfillment of a dream as Amaya means high place and Maya means courageous, yet humble, hardworking and local.

Building Features

The Amaia Steps Sucat Mid-Rise is made of 9 buildings and goes up 8 floors. There are a total of 1,632 residential units within the development. All common hallways include vinyl tile flooring and all walls are painted concrete. The building is equipped with elevators or you can choose the stairs if you don’t live too high up or if you want to get in a bit of cardio on the way to your unit.

Each building features naturally ventilated corridors and also an atrium. This design not only lets in air but also lets in natural lighting during day time hours.  


The Amaia Steps Sucat residential development includes units ranging from studio to two bedrooms. There are a total of 1632 units ranging in size from 23 square meters to 42 square meters.  Their units include;

Aria and Blanca Clara – The Studio Units

Deluxe – The One bedroom Units

Premier – The Two Bedroom Units

Each unit has their own mailbox which can be found within the lobby. Each unit comes telephone, cable and sprinkler system equipped and featuring vinyl plank flooring in living and bedroom areas and ceramic tile flooring in the bathroom. Walls in living and bedroom areas are painted concrete wall and in the bathroom dry areas are painted concrete and wet areas are lined with ceramic tiles. Unit ceilings are also painted concrete.  In the toilet and bathroom area the ceiling is made with gypsum board. Bathrooms come complete with the standard toilet and bath fixtures and the space is designed with natural ventilation. There is also the provision for washer/dryer in the toilet/bath area so you can have in unit laundry. In the kitchen you will find your kitchen sink with base cabinet.

As you step to Sucat, feel the ambience of prosperity and the economic boom around the area. The Amaia Steps Sucat is just a step away. A part of the City of Parañaque, Metro Manila, Sucat is a district of Barangay San Antonio of the said city. Parañaque is recognized as the fashion capital of Metro Manila where the fashion industry is thriving in leaps and bounds.

The Amaia Steps Sucat could be found along Dr. A. Santos Ave., Brgy. San Antonio, Parañaque City. A mid-rise condominium project being managed and maintained by the Ayala Property Management Corp. (APMC), the latest and state-of-the-art development project is built and designed by Amaia Land Corp. the rightful builder and partner by the Ayala Land Inc.The housing program is composed of 9 buildings, each with 8 stories and totaling 1,632 units of elegantly built dwellings customized to your preference of an awesome living. Complete with amenities and facilities of a modern sanctuary, the condo units are sprawled within 2 hectares of flood-free land.

The spacious units are classified as Studio (best for single occupancy), De Luxe (ideal for newlyweds) and Premier Unit (for the whole family). The units have sizes ranging from 23 to 42sqm. Each unit is complete with features such as toilet and bath-wet and dry areas, concrete and painted walls, common hallways, laundry area, kitchen with table top, sprinkler system, telephone and cable ready system, vinyl tiles flooring and more amenities.

In Amaia Steps Sucat, every building has elevators and stairs both servicing residents. Be stunned with every building's stylish entrance; enjoy the sprawling and clear water of the swimming pool, classic atrium enhancing cooler and brighter surroundings, the lush green entrance gate, and the full-court basketball. The children's playground is relatively safe even for unguarded kids. You will be treated with utmost security and privacy within the premises as the buildings are arranged in perfect cluster. Every building is built with natural ventilation; you could relax on its meditation garden or shop in nearby retail stores where merchandize are price competitively and other brilliant facilities.

The crucial location of the Amaia Steps Sucat is perfectly ideal where it is practically near schools such as Ramon Pascual Institute. Hospital such as the Parañaque Medical Center is just a drive away. For your recreation and every day necessities, the SM City Sucat, Shopwise and SM Hypermart are also within reach.

Be a step ahead while you are on the go! The Amaia Steps Sucat is both satisfaction and realization!

Amaia Land, Amaia Steps Sucat, Condo for Sale in Paranaque City, Philippines. For price list, model house, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. If you're looking to find Amaia Land, Amaia Steps Sucat for Sale, then check here first. We have full details of Amaia Land, Amaia Steps Sucat for Sale updated regularly. Everything you need to know about Amaia Land, Amaia Steps Sucat Condo buying process, broken down into stages. Includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price.

Amaia Steps Sucat - Location & Vicinity

The condominiums are in a great location for all your day to day needs whether they are for your personal needs or for work and family convenience. Amaia Steps Sucat is located in Paranaque City specifically at Dr. Arcadio Santos Avenue, Brgy in San Antonio. The residence is made up of nine buildings across two lots # 28520 and # 28524 in a flood free land area. This is a suburban area where you can find all the conveniences you will want close by without them being right across the street. The location is great for those who don’t want to be too far away from everything while not being in the middle of the hustle and bustle that a major city has to offer.  If you choose to live here you will find the location makes the residences easily accessible from West Service Road, NAIA Road and also via the Sucat Exit from the South Luzon Express Way.

The condominiums are centrally located so that everything you need is within close commute by car or public transportation. You can easily find public transportation and make use of shuttle services and jeepneys to go where you want to go. You can even use the Skyway for transport into major city areas which allows for quick and easy access without having to worry about traffic like you would if you were to go by car. This type of transportation is always readily available in the vicinity to take you where you need to go. The mid-rise residence is located within close proximity to a number of commercial establishments such as Santana Grove, Shopwise, Puregold and SM City Sucat. Here you will be just 20 minutes via Skyway from the Makati Central Business District so commute is not a problem if you want to make the Amaia Steps Sucat development your new home.

You can find schools such as PATTS and the Universal College of Nursing along with the Ramon Pascual Institute within conveniently close proximity. For religious services you can find the Fourth Estate Chapel and for hospital services the most conveniently located one in terms of proximity is the Medical Center Paranaque. These are just a few of the places you can find locally within close proximity. If you are up for a longer commute there are many other options to choose from when it comes to churches and religious organizations. There are also other medical centers and hospitals a bit further off where you can have healthcare attention when needed. Though the commute may be a little longer for other places it is not too long in the event of an emergency that the local medical center cannot attend to.

While everything you need may not be just across the street from the condominiums you will find that everything you need is just a short commute away. Even if you don’t have your own vehicle you can still conveniently travel. Thanks to the availability of multiple types of public transportation. There are a couple of options to choose from depending on where it is that you are trying to get to.

Minutes Away:

  • Less than 3 kilometres from Sucat Exit of South Luzon Expressway.
  • Transport stations are readily available in the area such as jeepneys and shuttle services.
  • Immediate establishments in the area are SM City Sucat, Puregold and Santana Grove.
Amaia Steps Sucat Location

Amaia Steps Sucat - Photo Gallery

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Basketball Court

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Play Area

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Community Courtyard

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Building Facade

Building Facade

Amaia Steps Sucat - Features & Amenities

You will start to recognize the features and the amenities of Amaia Steps Sucat easily. Once you enter this residential development and stand in the lobby you see it all. The lobby features a very cozy design while blending function and form so that you can feel at home the minute you enter the complex even before you get to your very own unit.  You will love the suburban feel of the interior of the building. You will feel secure thanks to the main gate and the perimeter fence which protects the property. For even more security and privacy you will enjoy the building’s clustered design which helps to keep passing eyes out of your private space. The interior amenities vary based on the unit you choose but there are a number of features that you will find that are common to all the units such as floor plans, wall, ceiling and floor type etc.

The Condominiums feature a number of available units in a number of different sizes with three different units catering to persons from different walks of life and different family types and with different housing needs. There are studio units suitable for singles and young couples as well as one bedroom units that are also suitable for couples and single individuals. There are also two bedroom units that are perfect for smaller families with one or two children. This goes to ensure you that Amaia Land Corp. really does care about your dream to own a home no matter what walk of life or class of society you are from. They want to help you live your dream, they want to help you make it a reality so you can wake up living that dream every day for the rest of your life. And Amaia Steps Sucat is definitely the place to live your dream of a nice economical home with all the conveniences, features and amenities you need to live your life and live it well.

The developers didn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to privacy and security and this is a feature that is very important to homeowners in this day and age. The buildings are especially designed to offer security for the residents. They ensure your safety by the construction of an entry gate and a complete perimeter fence around the entire property. This can give you the peace of mind you need especially when you have children. Parents of especially young ones who may like to spend time outdoors each day really appreciate a home that is secure and private and you get just that here at Steps Sucat. Also adding to security is the cluster design of the buildings. The two buildings are designed in a way to keep out viewing from outside the complex. This helps to provide a more private environment for residents even without the perimeter fencing. So that even when you are outside enjoying the exterior amenities you can feel free to be yourself knowing that passersby can’t observe you and your family at play.

  • Main Gate and Perimeter Fence
  • Buildings arranged in clusters for greater Privacy and Security
  • Mailbox per unit located at the lobby
  • Each building with naturally-ventilated hallways and an atrium for a brighter and breezier environment.
  • An elevator for easier and convenient access to floors
  • Units ready-for-move-in condition, with provision for Washing/Drying in-unit
  • With functional amenities such as Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Clubhouse/Function Rooms, Playground, Landscaped Gardens and Convenience Retail.
  • Compliant provisions for Water Supply, Drainage, and Electrical Power Supply.

Amaia Steps Sucat - Price List

Unit Type Final Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 1,600,000 23.31 sqm
De Luxe ₱ 2,200,000 30.67 sqm
Premier ₱ 2,800,000 39.06 sqm

Amaia Steps Sucat - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot
Spot within Reservation month with 9% discount
Spot within 30 days with 7% discount
Option 2: Deferred
10% Spot with 10% discount within 30 days.
90% remaining balance payable within 23 months
100% payable within 24 months
Option 3: Bank Financing
10% Spot payable within 30 days within 10% discount
5% payable within 8 months
85% remaining balance payable through Bank Financing
10% Spot payable within 30 days within 10% discount
7% payable within 11 months
83% remaining balance payable through Bank Financing
10% Spot payable within 30 days within 10% discount
10% payable within 15 months
80% remaining balance payable through Bank Financing
10% Spot payable within 30 days
90% remaining payable through Bank Financing
5% Down Payment payable within 9 months
95% remaining balance payable through Bank Financing
7% Down Payment payable within 12 months
93% remaining balance payable through Bank Financing
10% Down Payment payable within 12 months
90% remaining balance payable through Bank Financing
10% Down Payment payable within 16 months
90% remaining balance payable through Bank Financing

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