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You will start to recognize the features and the amenities of Amaia Steps Sucat easily. Once you enter this residential development and stand in the lobby you see it all. The lobby features a very cozy design while blending function and form so that you can feel at home the minute you enter the complex even before you get to your very own unit.  You will love the suburban feel of the interior of the building. You will feel secure thanks to the main gate and the perimeter fence which protects the property. For even more security and privacy you will enjoy the building’s clustered design which helps to keep passing eyes out of your private space. The interior amenities vary based on the unit you choose but there are a number of features that you will find that are common to all the units such as floor plans, wall, ceiling and floor type etc.

The Condominiums feature a number of available units in a number of different sizes with three different units catering to persons from different walks of life and different family types and with different housing needs. There are studio units suitable for singles and young couples as well as one bedroom units that are also suitable for couples and single individuals. There are also two bedroom units that are perfect for smaller families with one or two children. This goes to ensure you that Amaia Land Corp. really does care about your dream to own a home no matter what walk of life or class of society you are from. They want to help you live your dream, they want to help you make it a reality so you can wake up living that dream every day for the rest of your life. And Amaia Steps Sucat is definitely the place to live your dream of a nice economical home with all the conveniences, features and amenities you need to live your life and live it well.

The developers didn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to privacy and security and this is a feature that is very important to homeowners in this day and age. The buildings are especially designed to offer security for the residents. They ensure your safety by the construction of an entry gate and a complete perimeter fence around the entire property. This can give you the peace of mind you need especially when you have children. Parents of especially young ones who may like to spend time outdoors each day really appreciate a home that is secure and private and you get just that here at Steps Sucat. Also adding to security is the cluster design of the buildings. The two buildings are designed in a way to keep out viewing from outside the complex. This helps to provide a more private environment for residents even without the perimeter fencing. So that even when you are outside enjoying the exterior amenities you can feel free to be yourself knowing that passersby can’t observe you and your family at play.

  • Main Gate and Perimeter Fence
  • Buildings arranged in clusters for greater Privacy and Security
  • Mailbox per unit located at the lobby
  • Each building with naturally-ventilated hallways and an atrium for a brighter and breezier environment.
  • An elevator for easier and convenient access to floors
  • Units ready-for-move-in condition, with provision for Washing/Drying in-unit
  • With functional amenities such as Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Clubhouse/Function Rooms, Playground, Landscaped Gardens and Convenience Retail.
  • Compliant provisions for Water Supply, Drainage, and Electrical Power Supply.
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